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Sexpo Australia

Australia's HOTTEST adults only event - Back in Sydney!

Sexpo Australia is the largest and longest-running adult exhibition in the world. Curious? Sexpo is the cheeky entertainment, the sex ed you wished you got in school, the shopping that goes straight to your bedroom draw, the naughtiest night of your life.

Sexpo is for everyone - Spice up your sex life, reinvigorate your relationship, party with your freinds. Everybody is welcome and accepted at Sexpo.

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Sexpo is for all.

Sexpo welcomes and celebrates all genders, sexualities, races and preferences.


We have worked with thousands of amazing people

“Sexpo isn't just an event, it's a full VIBE!!! When you walk through the doors at Sexpo you are transported to a fun party place. People are so excited to come chat with us, check out all our latest products. Most of the customers are loving their new gear that they wear straight away. It's a great way to meet new customers, sell lots of products and have fun all at the same time. The team that run Sexpo are so easy to deal with!!!”

Rarr Designs's avatar
Rarr Designs

“Before Cheeky Waffles was even opened, we were already daydreaming about being at Sexpo. We can only express our gratitude to the Sexpo team for supporting us and making our wild dream of being part of being part of the Sexpo Tour, as well as to all the sexexbhitors with whom we have made some many naughty friends that became our cheeky family. Sexpo embodies all the qualities that cheeky waffles stand for: love, respect, empowerment, and lots of cheekiness. For everyone that missed out Sexpo 2022, get ready because 2023 is cum!ng bigger and naughtier...”

Cheeky Waffles's avatar
Cheeky Waffles

“We have been attending the Sexpo shows as exhibitors for many years now. Each event just keeps getting better, we are thrilled to be a part of it. Not only are they heaps of fun but they are our best events of the tour. The team is super friendly and always willing to help. Huge shout out to Desiree and Belinda who always provide top notch customer service and always make you feel welcome regardless of your business size, big or small!. Can't wait for 2023!”

Tyler's avatar

“I loved being able to meet fans, getting to take photos and chat with them in person. Loved being in the Fashion show and also had quite a few mature women and couples blown away that someone their own age was doing so well in the industry which was a highlight for me too”

Barbie Girl's avatar
Barbie Girl

“I really enjoyed Sexpo this year as a content creator. I got to meet and chat with fans and other creators. I didn’t really know what to expect by joining the Sexpo Tour but it was like a big long party, where everyone (creators, fans, stall holders) can be themselves without judgement or criticism. My favourite parts were the Fashion Parades, the Faux Taxi and the Fantasy Rooms.”

Mishel Karen's avatar
Mishel Karen

“I worked all three SEXPOs in 2022 and it was absolutely amazing. Not only did it help me gain more fans and improve my credibility in the industry, it also gave me the opportunity to network with my peers. My work connections and collaborations as well as my overall fan base increased so much. It was really fun too!”

Luci Power's avatar
Luci Power

“We have been doing Sexpo now for 6 years and it is one of the best events to advertise our products, reach new stockists and have a direct reach to customers. It also has assisted us with our product placement and creating new lines and testing them in the market. We have created great relationships with other exhibitors and we look forward to catching up at all the events. Each year it keeps getting better, the shows are amazing, and they organisers really create a vibe. Congratulations on putting on an exceptional show.”

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Kinky Scientist