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In consideration for the opportunity to be included in any audio or visual form without the obligation on the producer to include such material, it is acknowledged, for your photographing, filming, recording me, and knowing that you have and will expend substantial expenses and time in reliance upon this Release. I irrevocably and absolutely forever grant to Australian Exhibition Group (hereafter, AEG) : ABN 63 184 731 214 of at current 42 Charles Street, Prahran 3181, Australia, his/her/its legal representatives, successors, assigns, licensees. Advertising agencies, production companies, and all persons or corporations active with his/her/its permission, the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use, re-use, publish and re- publish, and copyright my performance, likeness, image, picture, portrait, photograph, sound and/or voice recording, including but not limited to the negatives, transparencies, prints, film, video, tapes, digital or other information pertaining to them in all forms of media now or hereafter known in the future and in al manner, including electronic media, internet, in still, single, multiple, moving or video format, in whole or part and/or composite representations (hereafter "Content"), ni conjunction with my own or a fictitious name, including alterations, modifications, derivations and composites thereof, throughout the world for sale, advertising, promotion trade, commerce or any lawful purpose. This right shall include, but not limited to, the right to combine my likeness with others and to alter my likeness by digital means or otherwise, for the purposes set forth herein. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finish product, including written copy that may be created in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied. I agree that Ihave no rights to the content, and all rights to the content belong to AEG and Assigns. I Acknowledge and agree that I have no further right to additional consideration or accounting, and that I will make no further claim for any reason to AEG and/or assigns. I agree that this release is irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual, and will be governed by the laws of the state of Victoria, Australia. I furthermore agree to not disclose, divulge, sell or exploit the details of my appearance, terms of this release nor any information pertaining to my appearance without the prior written consent of AEG I hereby forever release and discharge AEG, its legal representative, successors, assigns and any persons or corporations acting with AEGs' authority and permission, from any and all liabilities, claims, actions and demands relating to any blurring, distortion, use ni composite form, or alteration, that may occur or be produced in connection with the Content, or ni any subsequent processing thereof, as well as any publication thereof, including without limitations and claims for libel, passing off, defamation, invasion of privacy and any relevant state or federal statutes. I acknowledge that the photography session and/or film or video production is/will/was conducted in a proper and professional manner. I affirm that I am over the age of majority, I am fully able to contract in my own name without breach of any prior agreement or applicable law, including but not limited to prior arrangements with modelling or talent agencies or any other person, company or entity, and that a signed copy of my photo identification is attached to this Release. I have read the above Release and agreement, prior to its execution; I fully understand the contents and consequences thereof. This agreement shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

I understand that the restrictions in accordance with the Liquor Licensing Act: Liquor Act 1992

I acknowledge that I have had a safety briefing in regards to OH&S and public liability

I have provided a signed and legal form of photo identification and/or permit to satisfy this release

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Signed on 22/04/2024